The Best The World Is A Vampire Service?

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The Best The World Is A Vampire Service?

Von Krolock: In the dreamland of the night, I rule as a magician, Who’ll understand wonders Sink with me in the sea of time, Gain from me what is called ‘to live’Feel the joy, the sadness, Feel the yearning to surrender yourself Search with me for the black grail!I’ll teach you what is called ‘to love’Break the chains of morality!Follow your covert prompts! Then you will enjoy this life, Your love will be life And set you free! Alfred goes through the portal into the castle and vanishes. Count von Krolock follows. As he closes the door behind him, he turns round once again.

The door closes with a thud. Blackout. Drapes close. End of very first act. Later on the very same night. Sarah has left her room. She comes gradually down the stairs causing the hall of Count von Krolock’s castle. On the walls hangs the Count’s ancestral picture gallery. Sarah moves as if in a hypnotic trance. Out of nowhere, we hear vampires singing. Vampires’ Voices: Shining eyes, Shining hair, Sleepless from interest, And blind to the danger Blood-red Lips and cheeks, Skin soft as velvet, Young, beautiful and female, Pernicious and damned! Mortal! The forefathers in the pictures on the walls come to life.

Ancestors: Be prepared!Sarah: Sometimes in the night, I feel lonesome and sad, However I do not understand what’s wrong with me On the other side of the hall, the dark figure of Count von Krolock appears on the upper actions of the spiral staircase. the world is a vampire t shirt Sarah does not see him. Ancestors: Be prepared!Sarah: Often in the night, I have wonderful dreams, However when I get up worry tortures me Ancestors: Be prepared!Sarah: In some cases in the night, I depend on the dark and wait, But what I’m awaiting isn’t clear to me Ancestors: Be prepared!Sarah: In some cases in the night, I feel the alluring temptation, Of a dark risk Forefathers: Be prepared, Star Kid … Sarah: I hear a voice that is calling for me, Forefathers: Be ready, Star Kid … Sarah: I can hear a voice Ancestors: Be prepared!Sarah: In some cases in the night, I feel a magical power, That moves me invisiblely Ancestors: Be prepared!Sarah: Often in the night, I am so powerless and I wish, One would come to lead and safeguard me Ancestors: Be prepared!Sarah: In some cases in the night, I can’t wait any longer, I wish to lastly be a woman and totally free Ancestors: Be prepared!Sarah: In some cases in the night, I wish to experience the prohibited, And the repercussions do not matter to me Ancestors and Von Krolock: Be ready, Star Child!Sarah: I hear a voice that is requiring me, Ancestors and Von Krolock: Be prepared, Star Child … Sarah: I feel a yearning that is looking for me …

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For a moment, Count von Krolock is tempted to bite Sarah’s throat, but he has second thoughts and pushes her away gently. Von Krolock: No! It would be incorrect, To lose your head, We shouldn’t, Destroy the pleasure, Before the time is right, With every hour of waiting, The desire grows stronger, I will let you feel, What will make you immortal, When we dance, At the ball tomorrow night … All the lights concentrate on Count von Krolock and Sarah, till he suddenly exits. On the barely-lit stage stands a massive four-poster bed. The World Is A Vampire Smashing Pumpkins T Shirt. Professor Abronsius sleeps quietly on one side of the bed, snoring.

An unreal voice comes out of nowhere. Vampire: Follow me, trust the night!Only it can save your soul, Curse the day and its power, Free the longing of its chains Follow me, come feel the night!Reality is just what we believe in, Leave from all that is securing you, Don’t let your dreams be stolen … Alfred suffers a problem, which materialises for the audience to see: vampires come out from all over the room. They crawl over the roofing of the bed, creep out of corners, move from the ceiling. Vampires: Over tombs and ruins, Funeral bells will toll, And all the devils will emerge, And all the angels will have to fall We are hungry for criminal activities, We are longing for blood, We just live for our greed, And feed our brooding with poison The world of daytime, Has never delighted anybody, So dive in the Sea of Absolutely nothing, Which is always dark and cold, And after that when the darkness, Intoxicates you, then feel, Feel the night!Feel the night! Vampire Group 1: Dies irae Kyrie, Libera me Domine!Dies irae Kyrie, Requiem da Domine!Dies irae Kyrie, Libera me Domine!Dies irae Kyrie, Requiem da Domine!Dies irae Kyrie, Libera me Domine!Dies irae Kyrie, Requiem da Domine!Exultate Kyrie! Pie Agne Domine!Dies irae Kyrie, Sanctus Sanctus exultate!Dies irae Kyrie, Libera me Domine!Dies irae Kyrie, Requiem da Domine! Vampire Group 2 (at the same time): Feel the night! And never let it pass, Feel the night! Close your eyes to see, Feel the night! Your destiny makes certain to occur. The vampires disappear. The music ends. A cock crows. The bed room door opens. A clock strikes. The scene modifications. Koukol shuffles into the room pushing a breakfast cart. He opens the heavy drapes which cover the window. Light floods into the space. Alfred wakes up. Stunned from his problem, he sits up without discovering Koukol. Professor Abronsius is still asleep. Alfred: A bad dream, a dreadful dream, Lucky that it’s not genuine, Excellent will accomplishment! I don’t question it, Even if it’s not yet clear to me, How and what and who and where and when?How and what and who and where and when? He spoke of her, so she should be here, Today or never, I will find her Everything will be alright, today is a perfect day, On which guy can do, what only heroes may accomplish, On a day like today one would stroll through fire, One would discover gold and defeat beasts Alfred closes his eyes once again and considers Sarah.

He pictures that Sarah remains in the space. Alfred: How did this breakfast get here?Can it be, that Sarah brought it?Someone came. Oh yes, I can hear … When Alfred turns around and opens his eyes, Koukol is standing straight in front of him. Koukol: Urggh. Alfred (frightened): Aah! Koukol tosses a scornful look at Alfred, spits and disappears. Teacher Abronsius has actually awakened. In a nightshirt, his twisted hair underneath a nightcap, he stays up, stretches and scratches himself. He has actually undoubtedly slept very well – The World Is A Vampire Smashing Pumpkins T Shirt. He gestures to Alfred to serve him breakfast. Abronsius: A soft bed, a quiet hostel, Revitalizes the mind and limbs, A little cup of tea, a quick nap, And as soon as again I am filled with Reasoning, reasoning, And thirst for education Teacher Abronsius slurps his tea.

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Alfred: Sir Teacher, he said: “The item of your longing is nearer to you than ever” Sarah need to be here in the castle!Abronsius: Quite a cool fellow, Alfred: Who?Abronsius: The Count. He almost pulled our legs, Alfred: The Count?Abronsius: He nearly offered himself away … Abronsius: He called himself a night bird, Useless throughout the day, However the question still remains: Where is his sarcophagus? Alfred (spluttering with fear): His sarcophagus?Abronsius: The casket that he depends on throughout the day, Alfred: You imply … in a grave?Abronsius: Not in a tomb, boy, A Count rests in a crypt, Every castle has one, We’ll need to look for it right away, Alfred: Immediately?Abronsius: Naturally instantly, The day is produced a search For a crypt Abronsius jumps up and leads Alfred in preparing for the journey.

Background music continues to play throughout the scene change. The cheerful noise of the melody becomes increasingly spooky as it joins a dull echo in the castle vaults. Koukol presses a pine casket into the crypt prior to Professor Abronsius and Alfred enter upon the footbridge above. Abronsius: On a day like this … Alfred: On a day like this … Abronsius: … Newton described physics. On a day like this … Alfred: On a day like this … Abronsius: Mozart composed his Night Music. Alfred: On a day like this … Abronsius: … Columbus unexpectedly made a discovery. Alfred: And Icarus thought he might fly. Abronsius: And Daniel was in the pit! Alfred: If it was just a little lighter, In this cellar, I would follow my duty, Filled with confidence.

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However as it is, I offer in: I’m scared. Abronsius: Down there, waiting there, Not to be overlooked, Is the goal of our objective. How I long, To go down there, With the objective of making an examination. Alfred: What needs to occur now?Abronsius: What needs to happen now? Abronsius and Alfred: Action in accordance with guidelines. Alfred: We need to practice first and put it off!Abronsius: This is the hour. Now or never ever! They have reached the crypt. They look down from a balustrade. 2 splendid coffins stand on pedestals. On the floor next to them is a rough pine coffin. Alfred: Pssst!Abronsius: Fantastic.

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Alfred: Down there?Abronsius: Obviously. Right now. You initially. Alfred: Me?Abronsius: Yes. Bag!Alfred: Bag. Abronsius: Down!Alfred: Down?Abronsius: Down! Alfred climbs into the crypt. Professor Abronsius throws down the bag. It lands on the stone floor with a thud. Abronsius: Pst! Do you want the hunchback to hear us ?! Be peaceful down there!Watch out, I’m coming now! Teacher Abronsius prepares to jump down. Alfred gets ready to capture him. Abronsius: What? No! No!! In the attempt to jump, Teacher Abronsius has actually ended up being captured on the railings. Abronsius: Ah! I’m stuck! Mm … aah. Help me, boy! Alfred takes hold of Professor Abronsius’ foot. He attempts to pull the Teacher totally free.

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The background music plays and highlights the panting and groaning of the two of them. Eventually, Alfred quit. The background music still plays. Abronsius: Oh no! This simply will not do! You’ll need to do it alone. Alfred (panicking): Alone?Abronsius: Yes. Do not make such a fuss! You have to drive the stake through his heart. Alfred: Through his heart? No, Teacher! Please . (The World Is A Vampire Smashing Pumpkins T Shirt).. anything, but not that!Abronsius: Don’t be a sissy! Open the coffin!Alfred: The coffin?! Abronsius: Consider Chagal’s daughter! Remove the lid! Alfred opens the very first of the caskets, however with his eyes avoided. Abronsius: Who’s lying inside? Alfred attempts to check out the coffin.

Abronsius: Great. Now the other one. Alfred raises up the 2nd casket lid. He looks inside. Abronsius: Who is it?Alfred: The kid. Abronsius: Go to the bag! Get the hammer and a stake. Excellent! Go to the Count initially! Now put the stake in place … Alfred (mechanically): Between the 6th and seventh … Abronsius: Ribs. Right. Rush! With closed eyes, Alfred holds the stake over the open casket but with the point upwards. Abronsius: Not like that! Take note, you idiot! The other method round! Begin now. One … 2 … 3. Alfred turns the stake around, lowers it and raises the hammer. But he can’t bring himself to hit it.