How Long Does The World’s Oil Reserves Run Out?

Oil is one of the limited natural resources. While in terms of data on annual needs, oil demand continues to soar. Some predictions suggest that oil inventories will soon run out in the next few decades. Then how long will the world’s oil reserves run out if calculated from now?

Why can world oil run out?

Oil is a natural resource with limited availability. This oil is found on earth and does not occur continuously in natural production. While oil consumption has increased consumption in almost every country. Limited stock with increasing consumption levels make everyone in the world think about this well. Because if calculated from the next few decades the oil supply will run out. Like premium gasoline, which we rarely find now. This is not without reason, its inventory is indeed already unable and difficult to find again.

Do you know that the world’s oil reserves have a limited time. But the question is, how long it will be run out? To answer this question, make sure for you to read on this article. You can get also information to get rich by trading in oil

World oil prediction is up

Reporting from the second page of Finance, according to the expert from currently the world’s fossil energy supply is currently running low. One of the concerns is petroleum. According to him, the world’s petroleum supplies may only be sufficient for the next 53 years. This can also be accelerated if the needs and dependence on world oil continue to increase every year, he said. his is calculated based on data stored in 2012. Where the world’s reserves reach 200,000 million tons.

The factor of the rapid depletion of the World’s Oil Reserves

The availability of world oil is predicted to expire 53 years from now if the world oil consumptive data does not increase dramatically. But if there is a higher surge, the possibility of the world’s oil reserves¬† will run out quickly. Some of the factors that cause world oil to run out are like:

  1. More and more vehicle growth
  2. There are no restrictions on the use of petroleum-fueled vehicles
  3. Growth of petroleum-based industrial products

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